The coffee franchise industry is a booming one. In fact, the coffee industry brought in over $81 million in revenue in 2021. Americans love coffee, and this trend is far from over.

Opening a coffee shop franchise is a smart move for a variety of reasons. Your brand is already well-known and you take control of a sound business plan with ongoing assistance and resources that will position you for success. However, before starting a coffee franchise, you must find a brand that is right for you. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the best coffee shop franchise. 

1. Investment Amount

When choosing the best coffee franchise opportunity, you need to consider your budget. A coffee franchise requires a sizable upfront investment, so you must make sure you can afford it. You should consider the total initial investment as well as additional franchise fees. By determining your budget early on, you’ll quickly be able to narrow down your options. 

2. Brand Awareness

The greater the brand recognition, the more immediate success your coffee franchise will experience. If you want to make sure your coffee franchise will attract customers, choosing a brand that people are already familiar with and confident in is a wise choice. Think about popular brands with a solid reputation, then check to see if any have yet to open in your neighborhood.

3. Franchise Business Model 

Before you decide which coffee franchise to open, you should think about the type of franchise model you want. Perhaps it’s a drive-through with no seating or a large, seated coffee shop. When making this decision, consider your budget, operating costs, expected overhead, and local needs. Choosing the coffee franchise model you want will allow you to greatly reduce your options. 

4. Future Success

You should pick a coffee franchise that is anticipated to grow over the next few years. Make sure the coffee franchise opportunity you are considering is reliable and trustworthy. After all, any dependable franchise will be able to show a growth trajectory from year to year. Although growth will fluctuate for every brand, you should restrict your choices to franchises with a track record of revenue growth.

5. Value and Importance

When picking a brand, opt for one that provides something slightly unique for the region. After all, customers will only want to come to your coffee shop if it offers them something of value. Maybe it’s a larger menu, a new product offering, or more outdoor seating. Whatever it is, consider what is lacking in your community and fill that need with your coffee franchise.

By following our expert tips, you can choose the best coffee shop franchise for you. 

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Chad Stewart has long enjoyed the value of hard work, starting his first job at age fifteen and currently serving as Ellianos’ Vice President of Franchise Development. In this role, he drives company growth, franchise development, and site selection, and of course, consumes a large number of iced lattes. Chad is striving toward the goal to open 100 Ellianos store locations by the end of 2024. While he is highly determined to put in the hard work to do so, he is equally energetic to have fun throughout every step of the process. Chad genuinely looks forward to work on Mondays but also enjoys spending time with his wife and children traveling, attending baseball games, and frequenting unique local donut shops. Though he admits to being more of a mountaineer than a beachgoer, Chad currently resides in Northern Florida with his family.

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