Ellianos Coffee Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Elegant, timeless, and clever are three words that accurately describe Ellianos Coffee. Founded in 2002, our mission is to captivate our customers by delivering an unmatched level of quality, consistency, and speed in every cup. As coffee, espresso, and latte specialists in the Southeast United States, we take great pride in being leaders in the specialty coffee shop industry. Below, we’ve gathered answers to frequently asked questions for your benefit. Feel free to reach out to us if you require anything further.

Where Can I Get Ellianos Coffee? Where Are You Located?

The Ellianos Coffee brand began in Lake City, Florida, and has become a dominant regional brand in the Southeast United States, with stores spanning across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. However, we’re quickly becoming a national force to be reckoned with by expanding our customer base and franchise system. Ellianos Coffee is readily available to franchise in 11 states, with more locations opening near you soon. Search for the Ellianos Coffee location closest to you, or check out our blog for updates!

How Do I Join the Growing Ellianos Family as a Franchisee?

If you’re interested in joining the growing Ellianos Coffee family, we’d love to welcome you to our specialty coffee franchise system. Become a franchisee in just 10 easy steps:

  • Take a tour of an Ellianos Coffee location and complete the pre-application form.
  • Complete our non-disclosure agreement form.
  • Complete a franchise application form.
  • We’ll evaluate your application.
  • We’ll send you a franchise disclosure document (FDD).
  • Schedule a visit to the Ellianos Corporate Office in Lake City, FL.
  • Execute your letter of intent.
  • Sign and fund the franchise contract.
  • Schedule training.
  • Enjoy your franchise’s grand opening!

How Do I Join the Growing Ellianos Family as an Employee?

At Ellianos Coffee, we’re more than a franchise. We’re a family. Our team is always on the lookout to pair enthusiastic, hard-working individuals with one of the fastest-growing brands in the specialty coffee shop industry. If you think you have what it takes to be a barista or another hourly employee at one of our independently owned and -operated franchises, please submit an employment application. Be sure to note your preferred location and work schedule and include any relevant work experience and accomplishments. As more franchises pop up and positions become available, our recruiters and store managers will review and reach out to interested applicants accordingly.

How Does Ellianos Coffee Compare to Other Coffee Brands?

Ellianos Coffee’s motto is ITALIAN QUALITY AT AMERICA’S PACE®. Our hard work, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction have earned us thousands of loyal customers and increased brand awareness. Our unique double-sided drive-thru design and operational simplicity give us an edge over the competition. Our specialty coffees, espressos, and lattes are second-to-none because we source only the best coffee beans worldwide for the Ellianos Coffee menu. Sit down to a cup of our signature medium-dark roast from Latin America and the Pacific Islands or a decadent cup of hot chocolate with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream. Taste the difference when you stop by the Ellianos coffee shop nearest you. Signature items you might enjoy from our diverse menu include:

  • Milan Mint Mochas
  • Sicilian Smoothies
  • Caffe Lattes
  • Cappuccinos
  • Chai Tea Lattes
  • Black, Green, & Herbal Teas*
  • Coffee Coolers
  • Red Bull Energy Drinks
  • Assorted Breakfast & Lunch Sandwiches*
  • Assorted Bagels, Muffins, Cookies, & Brownies*

* Available at select franchise locations. Inquire within.

How Does Ellianos Coffee Give Back to Local Communities?

Ellianos Coffee believes in taking the same family approach we apply to our franchises and aiding those in need throughout our local communities. Ellianos Cares has partnered with numerous organizations, including Imani Milele, Donors Choose, Belmont Academy, and the Wounded Warrior Project®.

How Long Does a Bag of Coffee Last Before Going Stale?

If you have a bag of whole coffee beans, you may be able to keep the coffee fresh for up to three months. However, an open bag of ground coffee will usually only last about a month.

What’s the Best Way to Store Coffee to Keep It Fresh?

We strongly recommend storing coffee in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place for the best results. You should never store coffee inside your refrigerator or freezer, as it will act similar to baking soda and begin absorbing other food odors and flavors around it.

What’s the Suggested Ratio of Water to Coffee in a Cup of Coffee?

Experts typically suggest 16-18 parts water per one part of coffee to blend the perfect cup of coffee.

Contact Us to Inquire About Our Menu and Coffee Costs

Are you curious about our coffee costs or menu? Do you have questions or comments you’d like to share with our leadership team? Ellianos Coffee welcomes your feedback. Please contact us today!