Are you interested in owning a coffee franchise, but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea? Ellianos Coffee is here to help you with that decision. 

There are multiple ways to open a coffee shop, but one great way is to become a part of a coffee franchise. 

For many, the idea of starting a coffee shop from scratch is frightening. This is where a coffee franchise can help. A coffee shop franchise allows you to enter the market with absolutely no retail coffee experience

If you’re still wondering if buying into a franchise coffee shop is worth the risk, keep reading. 

Pros of Owning a Coffee Franchise 

For starters, a franchise is a form of business that is run by an individual (the franchisee) but overseen by a much larger company (the franchisor). 

Many coffee lovers dream of opening their own coffee shop, and owning a coffee franchise can make that dream a reality.

Here are some of the advantages of opening a coffee franchise. 

Market Awareness 

A well-known coffee brand is more likely to attract customers. Coffee franchises with big names already have a trusted and loyal customer base. 

Therefore, customers are more likely to recognize your name brand and choose you because it is a safe and reliable option. 

Marketing Support 

When you own a coffee franchise, the franchisor provides a marketing plan. When your company launches a marketing campaign, they are marketing for your franchise. 

As the franchisee, you will still have to invest in some marketing, but you’ll have the support from your franchisor to help you. 

Business Support 

If you’ve never opened a franchise or own a franchise for another industry, you can get valuable advice from your franchisor. You can receive tips on where to open the best coffee franchise and what equipment to buy. 

While you still have to pay a franchisor for everything it does for you, you have a support system to lean on. 


Coffee franchises are known for their consistency at every location. To make this happen, there is a universal barista and staff training.

Franchisors typically have their own training programs, so you’re not alone in training your baristas how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Lower Supply Costs 

Many coffee franchises might offer you savings since they have connections with suppliers, sales representatives, and equipment manufacturers.

Less Risk 

Owners of coffee franchises essentially pay for a ready-to-use concept, brand awareness, and expert knowledge.

With a coffee shop business plan at your disposal and the help of your franchisor, you reduce the risk of failure and improve your chance at success. 

Ellianos Coffee Franchise 

With constant help and dedication, Ellianos Coffee has established itself as a leading coffee franchise. 

You can become a part of our successful franchising community too! 

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Chad Stewart

About Chad Stewart

Chad Stewart has long enjoyed the value of hard work, starting his first job at age fifteen and currently serving as Ellianos’ Vice President of Franchise Development. In this role, he drives company growth, franchise development, and site selection, and of course, consumes a large number of iced lattes. Chad is striving toward the goal to open 100 Ellianos store locations by the end of 2024. While he is highly determined to put in the hard work to do so, he is equally energetic to have fun throughout every step of the process. Chad genuinely looks forward to work on Mondays but also enjoys spending time with his wife and children traveling, attending baseball games, and frequenting unique local donut shops. Though he admits to being more of a mountaineer than a beachgoer, Chad currently resides in Northern Florida with his family.

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