Americans love their coffee and drive-thru services continue to thrive in 2022. Imagine how successful a business would be if they combined both! 

More people are falling in love with the drive-thru coffee franchise idea because it provides many opportunities and remains a trustworthy and profitable business concept. 

If you are a coffee lover and a go-getter entrepreneur, you can benefit from drive-thru coffee franchise opportunities. Not only is it accessible and practical, but it’s also extremely fulfilling. 

Benefits of A Drive-Thru Coffee Franchise

Drive-thru coffee franchises allow on-the-go customers to get their morning or afternoon cup of coffee quickly and conveniently. When customers are in a rush, they may not have time to leave their cars and wait in long lines. By designing a fast, effective, and welcoming drive-through, you can improve customer retention and increase sales. 

Since many drive-thru franchises are built in busy locations, such as off highway exits or on the corner of a busy crossroads, they require less square footage than other full-service restaurants. As a result, it costs less to invest, and you may make more money.

Additionally, there is a high level of brand loyalty among drive-through coffee franchises. As a result, your drive-through coffee franchise will already have a large client base, and your franchise will continue to expand its brand. 

Drive-Thru Coffee Franchise vs. Dine-in Coffee Franchise 


Since more customers are seeking greater convenience with their coffee, they’re more likely to head to a drive-thru coffee franchise over a dine-in coffee franchise. 

Overhead Cost 

While we all love a nice sit-down meal, a dine-in coffee franchise will have greater overhead costs than a drive-thru coffee franchise. 

The hefty expense of providing customers with a place to relax and get work done is far greater than the drive-thru kiosk’s small retail footprint. A drive-thru coffee company puts efficiency first, whereas a dine-in coffee shop puts the environment first.

Additionally, a drive-thru coffee franchise requires less staff than a dine-in restaurant and greatly reduces costs. 

Why Choose A Drive-Thru Coffee Franchise

Although we don’t know what the future holds, it’s safe to predict that drive-throughs will always be around.

Consumer trends have significantly evolved in the post-pandemic period. It is expected that the demand for drive-thrus and deliveries will continue to grow and influence revenue across the board. Since customers are accustomed to ordering food and coffee to go, a drive-thru coffee franchise will always be a necessity. 

Join The Ellianos Coffee Franchise 

By providing an unrivaled level of quality, consistency, and quickness in every cup, Ellianos Coffee intrigues its consumers. The Ellianos Coffee franchise is expanding rapidly while also giving back to the communities where we work and live.

Ellianos Coffee was recognized as a Top Franchise in 2022 as well as a Top Food Franchise by the Franchise Business Review (FBR).

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Chad Stewart

About Chad Stewart

Chad Stewart has long enjoyed the value of hard work, starting his first job at age fifteen and currently serving as Ellianos’ Vice President of Franchise Development. In this role, he drives company growth, franchise development, and site selection, and of course, consumes a large number of iced lattes. Chad is striving toward the goal to open 100 Ellianos store locations by the end of 2024. While he is highly determined to put in the hard work to do so, he is equally energetic to have fun throughout every step of the process. Chad genuinely looks forward to work on Mondays but also enjoys spending time with his wife and children traveling, attending baseball games, and frequenting unique local donut shops. Though he admits to being more of a mountaineer than a beachgoer, Chad currently resides in Northern Florida with his family.

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