As the cold months linger on, fellow coffee enthusiasts may be on the hunt for something new. Or perhaps to discover a forgotten favorite as they try to stay warm until spring. Ellianos offers a wide variety of delicious coffee drinks, but there’s one in particular that we recommend: the mocha coffee.

Though mocha coffee is often confused with regular coffee, there are many differences to be found. In this blog, we’ll dive into mocha’s origins, explore differences to answer what is coffee (mocha or otherwise), and help you decide why mocha should be your next order!

The Basics of Mocha

Unlike a traditional black coffee, which is made simply by brewing roasted coffee beans in hot water, mocha coffee requires an extra ingredient or two. Mocha, instead, combines espresso with dark chocolate (or chocolate syrup) and steamed milk.

The end result is a flavor profile that is sweeter, creamier, richer, and more indulgent than regular coffee. After all: what is a more natural combination than chocolate and coffee?

Not a Latte in Sheep’s Clothing

Mocha coffee drinks are often confused with other beverages, such as:

  • The caffè mocha (which is really just a mocha coffee topped with whipped cream and cocoa powder)
  • The mochaccino
  • Hot chocolate with espresso
  • The humble latte

But don’t be fooled! While both mochas and lattes contain espresso and hot milk, mochas contain chocolate as a core ingredient while lattes do not. While both are creamy and decadent beverages, a latte is the considerably stronger drink (by about 63 milligrams of caffeine).

Mocha’s Origins

Mocha (or “moka,” as it was originally named) has a long history amongst coffee enthusiasts and the global trade community. The Mocha coffee bean originated in Yemen. Yemen’s port city of Al Moka was a major center for coffee trading in the 15th century.

Even now, six centuries later, mocha is still highly prized for its rich, chocolatey flavor profile.

Whether you’re looking to order an old favorite or explore something new, Ellianos has what you need to stay warm. Click here to find an Ellianos coffee shop location near you.

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