Now that summer is in full swing, most of us have already turned to ice-cold beverages. The high temperatures make it the perfect time to experiment with iced coffee drinks. Let’s be honest, there’s no better way to cool down on a sweltering summer day than a refreshing pick-me-up. 

Iced coffee drinks are not only a wonderful way to escape the heat but they are also a delightful afternoon treat. 

Keep chilled all summer long with these five iced coffee drinks. 

Classic Iced Coffee Drink 

Let’s kick this off with a summer classic. With smooth espresso combined with milk and optional sweetener, you have a fantastic iced coffee drink to cool off with during hot summer days. 

Enjoy an iced latte by the pool, at the beach, or on the way to your next meeting. Substitute your choice of milk and sugar-free flavors for a delicious low-calorie iced coffee drink!

Or indulge in the Ellianos Coffee Cooler, a year-round favorite among customers, but especially during the scorching summer! This iced coffee drink with double the strength is served over ice with creamy half and half and sweetener. Choose from a variety of flavors such as vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and so much more!  

Caramel Iced Latte 

Are you a caramel lover? If so, you’ll love a caramel iced coffee drink in the summer. This delectable beverage is made with espresso mixed with vanilla or caramel syrup, drizzled with delicious caramel, and served over ice. 

An iced caramel latte is the best iced coffee drink to enjoy during your afternoon break or any time of the day if you want something smooth and sweet. 

Mocha Iced Coffee Drink  

If you enjoy chocolate, you won’t be able to resist a mocha iced latte this summer. A mocha iced latte is a tasty iced coffee drink made with espresso, dark chocolate syrup, and milk served over ice.  

This summer iced coffee drink is the perfect treat for coffee and chocolate lovers! 

Coffee Freezer 

If you truly want to survive the heat this summer, blended ice cream and coffee drinks are the way to go. With sweet ice cream and smooth espresso, a Coffee Freezer is a caffeinated beverage and dessert all in one. 

From a Coffee Freezer to a White Mocha Freezer, Ellianos Coffee has ice cream coffee drinks you’ll be dreaming about for the rest of summer.  

Cookies & Cream Freezer

For those of you who don’t drink coffee, our Cookies & Cream Freezer is the ideal summertime treat to ward off the heat. This popular drink is a creamy concoction of actual Oreo® cookies and ice cream, and you have the option to order it with or without espresso. 

When you visit Ellianos Coffee, try this fan favorite or any other of our Signature Creations!

Try one of our iced coffee drinks today!

Holly Key

About Holly Key

Holly grew up in the suburbs of Lake City, Florida, and cherishes the sweet memory of her mother regularly treating her to an Ellianos Cookies & Cream Freezer when she was young. Throughout her high school years, she remembers frequenting the drive-thru coffeehouse before classes for much-needed fuel. As Holly transitioned into college at Southeastern University to pursue a bachelor's degree, she continued to rely on an iced Tuscany Toffee latte to get her through late nights of studying. Her love of Ellianos has blossomed over the years, so when presented with the opportunity to combine her love of the coffee brand with her writing skill, she was quickly on board. Holly joined the Ellianos team early in 2021 to assist in content writing, and she has loved every moment. She currently resides in her hometown of Lake City, Florida, with her husband Alvin and dreams of continuing to be a part of the Ellianos family for years to come.

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