ROCKMART, GA (October 13, 2021) – Once a bustling train depot and slate roofing town, Rockmart, Georgia, is now a quaint town known for its position along the Silver Comet Trail and is a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Ellianos Coffee is pleased to announce the opening of its 20th store location in Rockmart, located at 1675 Nathan Dean Pkwy, Rockmart, GA, 30153.

Ellianos is a drive-thru coffee franchise that is the dominant regional brand in the southeast United States, known for its specialty coffee drinks. Here, you will easily find something the whole family can enjoy – whether it’s a Cookies & Cream Freezer, smooth Tuscany Toffee latte, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, or a refreshing Red Bull Rush. They also serve items to satisfy your appetite – offering various items, including breakfast bowls, sandwiches, bagels, cookies, and more.

Owners and operators Frank Phillips and James DeMar were drawn to the Rockmart location primarily because of its enormous potential and small-town feel. Frank and James have been business partners for about seven years and opened their first Ellianos location together in Dallas, Georgia, two years ago. They also own a store location in Lithia Springs, Georgia. Together they make the perfect operating team, as Frank has a background in the U.S. Marine Corps, food service, and technology, while James has experience in accounting and technology.

In a recent interview, Frank mentioned that the city of Rockmart has been extremely accommodating, and the community has already begun sharing their limitless hospitality throughout the construction process. Frank and James are looking forward to establishing a loyal customer base and interacting with the community for years to come. When asked if there was anything he would like to share with the residents of Rockmart, Frank replied, “We are beyond excited to bring our families and our business to Rockmart, and maybe give Cedartown something to be a little jealous about.”

About Ellianos Coffee

Ellianos was founded in 2002 with the mission to serve ‘Italian Quality at America’s Pace®.’ Founders Scott and Pam Stewart have continued their dedicated work of expanding the franchise while making everyone feel like they are a part of the family. Rockmart will be Ellianos’ 20th operating store location with several other locations on deck to open their doors.

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Holly Key

About Holly Key

Holly grew up in the suburbs of Lake City, Florida, and cherishes the sweet memory of her mother regularly treating her to an Ellianos Cookies & Cream Freezer when she was young. Throughout her high school years, she remembers frequenting the drive-thru coffeehouse before classes for much-needed fuel. As Holly transitioned into college at Southeastern University to pursue a bachelor's degree, she continued to rely on an iced Tuscany Toffee latte to get her through late nights of studying. Her love of Ellianos has blossomed over the years, so when presented with the opportunity to combine her love of the coffee brand with her writing skill, she was quickly on board. Holly joined the Ellianos team early in 2021 to assist in content writing, and she has loved every moment. She currently resides in her hometown of Lake City, Florida, with her husband Alvin and dreams of continuing to be a part of the Ellianos family for years to come.

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