Lake City, Florida – Ellianos Coffee, the dominant specialty-coffee brand in the southeast United States, is celebrating twenty years of serving their incredible customers Italian Quality at America’s Pace®! To commemorate the special anniversary, Ellianos will be hosting giveaways throughout the month of April and releasing a special anniversary drink.

The Ellianos Coffee story first began twenty years ago when coffee aficionados Scott and Pam Stewart noticed the exploding drive-thru specialty-coffee industry during a trip to the Pacific Northwest. They returned home with the idea of bringing the Northwest coffeehouse tradition to the Southeast and started working to make their vision a reality. After months of planning, hard work, and dedication, Scott and Pam’s dream came to fruition – their dream of opening a drive-thru coffeehouse in their town was now standing in front of them. The first Ellianos Coffee store opened on April 5th, 2002, in Lake City, Florida, and was well-received. The community’s residents fell in love with the coffee, excellent customer service, and the convenient concept. Ellianos Coffee began franchising in 2003, and these simple principles – outstanding quality and exceptional, timely customer service – are still found at the very core of the family-owned business.

Scott reflects with pride over the past twenty years, stating, “Ellianos Coffee didn’t happen overnight. It has resulted from an exciting dream, a lot of hard work, determination, and most importantly, a family of great people. Ellianos has always been much more than the stores or coffee – it’s always been about the people that make it all possible. From the hardworking baristas in our stores, amazing franchisees, and loyal customers, every face makes Ellianos what it is today. We couldn’t celebrate twenty years without first saying ‘Thank you!'”

There’s no better way to celebrate twenty years than with cake! To commemorate such a momentous anniversary, Ellianos is releasing a special drink, The Cake Shake, available at Ellianos Coffee locations starting April 5th. The shake boasts notes of sweet vanilla swirled with cupcake flavoring and infused with rainbow sprinkles, available with or without coffee. Make plans to stop by your nearest Ellianos location to try The Cake Shake, and follow Ellianos on Facebook and Instagram to be a part of the giveaways they will be hosting throughout the month.

About Ellianos Coffee

Ellianos Coffee is a rapidly growing drive-thru coffee franchise founded on the principles of exceptional quality and excellent, convenient customer service – truly, Italian Quality at America’s Pace®! Since launching Ellianos in 2002, Scott and Pam Stewart have continued their dedicated work of expanding the franchise while making everyone feel like they are a part of the family. There are currently over twenty operating store locations with several other locations on deck to open their doors in the coming years.

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Mallory Pruitt

About Mallory Pruitt

Mallory Pruitt has stirred up a passion for developing efficiencies, creative marketing, and special project management throughout her career. She brings those same passions to the Ellianos team, serving as the Executive Director. Mallory’s first job was at an Ellianos store location as a barista over fifteen years ago. Her love of the coffee brand has only grown over the years, and she is eager to be an integral part of the brand’s growth. Mallory was developed professionally in Orlando, Florida, where she started in the creative world as a video editor at Golf Channel with NBC Sports. She has also held various other roles, including Associate Producer, Newsroom Manager, Special Project Manager, and independent contractor for PGA and European tour player Ian Poulter. Mallory gained her Bachelor of Radio Television Production and Digital Media from the University of Central Florida and her Master of Business Administration through Western Governors University. She considers herself a life-long learner and continually pushes herself to develop new skills. Mallory currently resides in Northern Florida with her husband Greg and enjoys traveling and running.

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