Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere but just had to stop and get your coffee? There are a few options, but they generally either lack the speed of service you need or the high quality you’re looking for

There’s got to be a better way to get excellent coffee at a good price fast.

Enter the drive-thru coffee shop. Drive-thru coffee shops are key when it comes to the franchise business, and it’s no surprise why. Costs are low, demand is high, and the only limitations that you have are keeping the line moving. 

Here are four reasons why a coffee drive thru shop might be right for you.

A Good Location is Half the Battle

Finding a good location might be tricky, but once you find one, then the location does most of the work for you. In the coffee industry, it’s known that the drive-thru location is the number one necessity for the coffee chain business plan. Start a coffee drive-thru in an easy-to-access place, preferably one on a road that people take to get to work (or come home from work) and you’ve got a golden opportunity. 

The drive-thru coffee business is all about getting people in and out as quickly as possible, so if you can station your coffee shop in a place that is going to get a lot of traffic, with easy entrances and easy exits, then you’re halfway to profitability already.

Speed Is Everything to the Coffee Experience

Even if the person in the car orders something unusual or complicated, you want to be able to make their drink quickly, professionally, and have it out the window to them as fast as possible. The key to this is having a dedicated barista who is making the coffee, and having someone else take the orders at the cash register and deliver the coffee. 

This allows one person to worry about specialty coffee – working the espresso machine, steaming the milk, and doing all the other things that slow down a typical coffee shop.

Great Customer Service

If there’s one thing that’s equally as important to a coffee drinker as speed, it’s good customer service. If you have the perfect location, with great coffee, but you don’t treat your customers well, then you’re not going to have repeat customers every single morning on their way to the office. 

But if you have great customer service, people who serve with a smile no matter what kind of specialty coffee the customer asks for, then you’re going to quickly start building up a line of cars–a parking lot of cars–waiting to get your coffee. And, if you have the right systems in place, you can help them all speedily. 

Small Businesses Make Strong Connections with Repeat Customers

A national brand might get repeat business because of its national presence, but your drive-thru coffee business is going to get repeat customers because of your relationships. People are going to want to see the same smiling faces every morning they stop in for their latte, and they’ll keep coming back the more that smiling face remembers their name, and maybe even their order. 

People reward small businesses with the kind of loyalty that big businesses don’t get, and if you can create a welcoming environment, a place that someone wants to come to, even if they’re only in the line for 60 seconds, then that means repeat business. 

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Chad Stewart

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Chad Stewart has long enjoyed the value of hard work, starting his first job at age fifteen and currently serving as Ellianos’ Vice President of Franchise Development. In this role, he drives company growth, franchise development, and site selection, and of course, consumes a large number of iced lattes. Chad is striving toward the goal to open 100 Ellianos store locations by the end of 2024. While he is highly determined to put in the hard work to do so, he is equally energetic to have fun throughout every step of the process. Chad genuinely looks forward to work on Mondays but also enjoys spending time with his wife and children traveling, attending baseball games, and frequenting unique local donut shops. Though he admits to being more of a mountaineer than a beachgoer, Chad currently resides in Northern Florida with his family.

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