Nothing beats a cold, refreshing, and delicious beverage on a hot summer day. 

Do you love coffee and ice cream? If so, welcome to the best of both worlds. With the warmer months upon us, you deserve to treat yourself to tasty blended ice cream coffee drinks that will help you beat the heat. 

Enjoy one of these frozen coffee drinks from Ellianos Coffee as a cool summer delight or as a pick-me-up when you’re feeling sluggish. 

Coffee Ice Cream Drink 

For all coffee lovers, the double-strength flavored Coffee Freezer is a dream for your taste buds. Cool off by sipping on the best ice cream coffee drink you can get. Enjoy it at the beach, while taking a break from work, or in the comfort of your home.

Combined with creamy half and half and blended with ice, you will crave this ice cream coffee drink from Ellianos Coffee every hot day. 

Turtle Ice Cream Coffee Drink 

Do you love chocolate and caramel? The Turtle Freezer, ice cream frozen coffee drink is meant for you. This delectable freeze is made with smooth espresso, creamy ice cream, and swirls of sweet caramel and rich dark chocolate.

Not only is this Ellianos frozen coffee drink extremely delicious, but it is a fantastic way to cool down during the summer. 

Caramel Ice Cream Coffee Drink

There is no better combo than coffee and caramel. Our rich, smooth, amazingly creamy Caramel Freezer is ideal for a hot summer day. 

Sweet caramel is blended with ice cream and espresso for an unbelievably enjoyable beverage. Topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce, this beverage is a must-have. 

Dark Mocha Ice Cream Coffee Drink 

The Dark Mocha Freezer is impressively rich, dreamy and creamy. It’s a wonderful, refreshing beverage that gives you just the right amount of energy.

So sweet and tasty, this dark mocha coffee milkshake from Ellianos is blended with creamy ice cream and espresso and garnished with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. 

White Mocha Coffee Ice Cream Drink

Do you prefer white chocolate over dark chocolate? You will absolutely love the creamy smoothness of our White Mocha Freezer. 

White chocolate is blended with luscious scoops of ice cream and smooth espresso to create the ultimate coffee drink to overcome the heat. As soon as you try this decadent ice cream coffee drink, it will quickly become your new favorite drink. 

Why Choose Ellianos Coffee

At Ellianos, we genuinely care about improving the lives of our customers. 

When the heat gets to us, we provide delicious and tasty frozen coffee drinks to cheer up our visitors. In every cup, we offer an unrivaled level of quality, speed, and reliability. 

Try Ellianos Coffee’s ice cream coffee drinks today!

Holly Key

About Holly Key

Holly grew up in the suburbs of Lake City, Florida, and cherishes the sweet memory of her mother regularly treating her to an Ellianos Cookies & Cream Freezer when she was young. Throughout her high school years, she remembers frequenting the drive-thru coffeehouse before classes for much-needed fuel. As Holly transitioned into college at Southeastern University to pursue a bachelor's degree, she continued to rely on an iced Tuscany Toffee latte to get her through late nights of studying. Her love of Ellianos has blossomed over the years, so when presented with the opportunity to combine her love of the coffee brand with her writing skill, she was quickly on board. Holly joined the Ellianos team early in 2021 to assist in content writing, and she has loved every moment. She currently resides in her hometown of Lake City, Florida, with her husband Alvin and dreams of continuing to be a part of the Ellianos family for years to come.

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