As National Caramel Day approaches, we are thrilled to introduce five exquisite caramel coffee drinks you can enjoy at Ellianos Coffee. These delectable beverages are sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you feeling delighted. Let’s take a closer look at each of these drinks.

1. Caffé Dolce

First up is the Caffé Dolce, a white mocha latte swirled with rich, creamy caramel. This beverage offers a delicate balance of sweetness and creaminess that will delight your senses. Whether you prefer your coffee hot, iced, or frozen, the Caffé Dolce is a perfect choice.

2. Tuscany Coffee

Next on the list is the Tuscany Toffee, a toffee latte combined with real caramel sauce. Fusing these two flavors results in a decadent beverage that can be enjoyed hot, iced, or frozen.

3. Iced Carmella

If you prefer something simpler, the Iced Carmella may be just your drink. This beverage combines espresso with vanilla, caramel drizzle, and milk served over ice. Its straightforward composition makes the caramel flavor shine, providing a sweet and refreshing treat.

4. Turtle Freezer

For chocolate lovers, we recommend the Turtle Freezer, a blend of rich dark chocolate and caramel with creamy ice cream and smooth espresso. This beverage provides a harmonious balance of chocolate and caramel, making it a perfect indulgence for any time of day.

5. Caramel Freezer

Lastly, we have the super popular Caramel Freezer, which combines sweet caramel with creamy ice cream and smooth espresso. It is a perfect blend of sweetness and savoriness to satisfy your cravings. This beverage is a go-to for any caramel lover.

At Ellianos Coffee, we pride ourselves on serving Italian Quality at America’s Pace.® We invite you to celebrate National Caramel Day with us by trying any of these incredible caramel coffee drinks. 

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