We’ve got answers to the most commonly asked questions about popular coffee drinks, including the Macchiato.

If you’ve ever wondered what a macchiato is, you’re in good company. There’s a lot of confusion as to what makes a macchiato unique when compared to the flurry of other hot, cold and frozen-based coffee drinks out there. With terms like pour-over, drip, macchiato, caffe latte, cafe breve — and more — it can all get a little overwhelming.

We’re here to settle the score on what a macchiato is once and for all.

What is in a Macchiato Coffee?

What is a macchiato made of? Espresso and steamed milk. But the ratio of espresso to milk is important.

Traditionally, macchiatos have a shot of espresso and just a small layer of steamed milk added after the espresso.

Sometimes, a small amount of foamed milk can also be added to make what’s called a caffe macchiato.

Things get tricky, especially because many coffee shops brand their macchiatos differently. Many shops make what are called “latte macchiatos” — essentially a form of the latte, where espresso is poured into steamed milk.

The most important thing that differentiates macchiatos from lattes and cappuccinos is the amount of milk added, which is usually much less by comparison.

What’s the Difference Between a Cappuccino and a Macchiato?

A traditional cappuccino is made with equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. The foamed milk and an equal 1:1:1 ratio is what differentiates a cappuccino from a macchiato.

What’s the Difference Between a Latte and a Macchiato?

Lattes are generally made with the same ingredients as cappuccinos — that is, espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk.

The difference between a cappuccino and a latte is that lattes have more milk. Traditionally lattes have a 2:1 ratio of milk to espresso, but different coffee shops may use more or less milk for a distinctive flavor profile.

People also often wonder if a latte or macchiato is sweeter. Normally because of the natural lactose in milk, lattes are sweeter.

What Are the Two Types of Macchiato?

Macchiatos are traditionally served hot. But there are technically two types of macchiato: hot macchiatos and iced (cold) macchiatos. Iced macchiatos swap regular chilled milk for steamed milk.

Are Macchiatos Stronger than Regular Drip Coffee?

Yes. Espresso coffee, often referred to simply as espresso is brewed with high pressure and high heat, extracting a bolder flavor than drip coffee. Espresso’s unique brewing process also means that it has a higher caffeine content per ounce than regular coffee. The exception here would be cold brew, which steeps for far longer than drip coffee.

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