Meet our Director of Franchise Support,

Courtney Loucks

Originating from Thomasville, GA, and now settled in Jacksonville, FL, Courtney brings a robust educational background to Ellianos Coffee, with a Bachelor’s in Business Management specializing in Organizational Leadership. As she works toward her Master’s in Business Law, she’s committed to merging her academic pursuits with her professional roles. With remarkable achievements like being the youngest and only female to head an auto group in the Southern Region at age 26, Courtney has consistently broken barriers and set new standards in both the auto and coffee industries.

Beyond her professional insight, Courtney deeply values transparency and kindness, a personal and professional mantra she lives by. Drawing inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, she firmly believes in being exceptional in every endeavor. Outside of her work, she’s an avid reader and often finds herself captivated in a book, especially during family fishing outings with her husband, Stephen, and son Chase. Her lifelong companions also include her three dogs, with Sarah being her constant sidekick. As a woman of many talents, Courtney is currently learning Spanish and takes pride in her nine-year stint as a softball player, symbolizing her dedication to constant growth and learning.