Ellianos Coffee - Jacksonville, FL

51 Duval Station Rd
Jacksonville, Florida, 32218

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About Us:

Exciting news awaits coffee enthusiasts in North Jacksonville, Florida! Ellianos Coffee, the beloved southeast-based drive-thru specialty coffee brand with a dominant fan base in Jacksonville, has opened another location! Jacksonville, known for its lively downtown scene, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the picturesque St. Johns River, already has four Ellianos locations, each cherished by its local community. Now, the coffee aficionados in North Jacksonville have the pleasure of experiencing Ellianos’ top-quality coffee and excellent service, as franchisee Lewis Sharp brings this iconic brand even closer to home. A Jacksonville native, Sharp and his wife have been devoted fans of Ellianos since the first store opened in Lake City, and their dream of opening their own Ellianos store in Jacksonville is now a reality at the address 51 Duval Station Road. With Ellianos Coffee poised to capture the hearts of North Jacksonville residents, this new location promises to be a hub for exceptional coffee and warm camaraderie, as the Ellianos family of franchisees continues to flourish in the city they love.

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