Meet our Sr. Graphic Designer,

Ulises Piedra

Originally from Tres Rios, Costa Rica’s vibrant landscapes, and later embedding his roots in Florida, Ulises embodies a rich fusion of cultures and experiences. Having honed his craft at Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, he now embarks on a new journey with Ellianos Coffee as a Senior Graphic Designer. A beacon of dedication, Ulises’s goal is not just about perfecting designs but also about elevating Ellianos’s brand, showcasing his belief that professional growth and personal development go hand in hand.

Beyond his graphic design talents, Ulises cherishes his life’s pillars – his wife Marcela and their three children. He is guided by the principle of reciprocity, believing that life thrives on a balance of giving and receiving. This value reflects not just in his professional dealings but also in his personal relationships. With passions ranging from paddle boarding to mountain biking, and a fiery competitive spirit, Ulises approaches life zealously. As he steps into Gainesville, his enthusiasm to immerse in the local springs and MTB trails mirrors his excitement for this fresh chapter at Ellianos Coffee.