Meet our Admin Support Specialist,

Amberay Novak

Hailing from Macclenny, Florida, and now embracing the charm of Lake City, Amberay steps into her role as an Admin Support Specialist at Ellianos Coffee with a wealth of experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. Her accolades include launching and managing a successful cleaning business and showcasing her dedication, work ethic, and leadership skills that she now brings to the Ellianos team.

Embodying the golden rule, Amberay believes in treating others as she would want to be treated, an ethos she integrates into every professional interaction. Outside the workspace, the allure of the outdoors beckons her. Whether it’s boating, paddleboarding, or fishing, Amberay’s love for nature is evident. Not just limited to outdoor pursuits, she also has a knack for pool, a talent many might find surprising. With a bustling household of six children – Michael, Kairi, Alex, Peyton, Pey, and Lexi – Amberay effortlessly balances her professional endeavors with being a mother, making her journey with Ellianos all the more commendable.