Ellianos Sicilian Smoothie

Sicilian smoothie

A treat straight from the streets of Sicily. A
smooth blend of sweet strawberries, tangy
pineapple, and fruity coconut.

Ellianos Strawberry Banana Smoothie


Our classic smoothie blended with tangy
strawberries and sweet bananas. It's a match
made in heaven...or the Ellianos kitchen.

Ellianos Iced Vanilla Cold Brew

Sicilian smoothie

There's only one way to make our classic cold
brew better - swirl it with vanilla and cream, and
top it with our Sweet Foam. It's irresistibly
smooth, sweet, and-

Ellianos Hot Espresso Shots


A shot of wake-me-up coming right up! Our
Signature Espresso is smooth, bold, and just the
thing to settle your caffeine fix.

Ellianos Hot Americano


A great morning companion or a beloved
afternoon pick-me-up. Whatever the time of day,
this classic mix of our signature espresso and
filtered water will be sure to fix your...

Ellianos Hot White Mocha Latte

White mocha

Espresso and white chocolate - we're convinced
there's not better duo! The mix of sweet white
chocolate with our smooth espresso and steamed
milk is just the thing to...

Ellianos Hot Caffe Breve

Caffé latte

There's a whole latte to love with our Italian-
quality espresso, velvety steamed milk, and the
luxurious froth you know and love- It's rich,
smooth, and without fault-

Ellianos Signature Blend Hot Coffee

House coffee

Rich and bold, cur Elliancs Signature medium-dark
roast boasts flavor notes of candied walnuts and
smooth chocolate. You can never go wrong with a